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In avanzare, we provide our customers with high-performance nanomaterials and nanotechnology based solutions.  The company is specialized in development & commercialization of specialty additives, mainly for the world of plastics and rubber, with international presence in the automotive, aeronautic, fabric, plastic, rubber, paint and building industries, the wire & cable sector and manufacturers of household appliances and packaging wood, paper, among others.

In avanzare we work for providing our customers with not only high technology solutions but also everyday solutions by continuously innovating and improving our products and solutions portfolio. Avanzare solutions and specialty performance additives create added value and competitive advantages for our customers by improving or bringing new properties to different materials. In a market where product differentiation is playing an increasingly important role, our products contribute to achieve it. 

avanzare = graphene

Avanzare has extensive expertise in 2D materials research, production and industry applications and we have been providing our customers with bulk graphene for more than five years now. Avanzare is a highly reputed company in the graphene sector, and one of the main drivers of the leading international Research and Development project GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP.

We offer Bulk graphene, graphene dispersions and composites with different lateral sizes and oxygen content, from graphene oxide to pristine graphene. In order to sustain and meet our customer’s high standards, quality controls procedures are conducted.

All the displayed products in this webpage can be purchased in larger industrial quantities. For this kind of orders please contact:  sales@avanzare.es

Our Team

Our highly qualified and large R&D team (more than 35 multidisciplinary professionals, 7 Phd, 2000 m2 labs and a fully equipped pilot plant) is engaged in providing our customers with high-quality, stable and reproducible materials. Our team keeps researching and developing new graphene grades in order to meet the increasing demand of these materials for multiple applications and industries. Tailor-made graphene grades are also offered upon demand. Avanzare is currently involved in several European Projects to continue exploring this material’s potential applications, to scale-up production process and to bring all of these breakthroughs to the market.